Jump in with the head first. Love, they said?

Jump in with your head first, that is what Jenny does.

I might not have ticked of a “typical bucketlist” of doing skydiving, bungee jumping or making the world’s most amazing or dangerous roadtrips.

31 januari 2018_Martin_Friberg__DSC0212.jpg

What I have done?

I have fallen in and out of LOVE several times now and got myself up. I have teached myself to see my pattern, I have dared myself to come so fucking close to my own feelings, where it usually can take a lifetime (or forever?) for other people to do for themselves.

I’m 32 today. Yeah I know, I still look like 23. Don’t be jealous. You’ll get there too.

Still believe that people are meant to come into your life a certain time, to make you aware of your personal development and remind you every now and then to stop and reflect.

Do you want to be on this road?

I have made some decisions years ago and it has been a battle of opinions from people around me, when they find out that I don’t want to have kids at all. Starting a family is nothing I wish for in life.

Hey, this is just me putting myself out there.

Want to get to know me more?
You know where to find me. I’m right here – let’s talk.


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