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I’m Jenny. 37 year old blogger based in Malmö, Sweden. Born in Småland county and been living in different cities in this country (Gnosjö, Karlskrona, Helsingborg, Stockholm and Malmö). Moved about 20 times and still counting(?) For others it might seems like I’m a restless soul. Part of it is true. For me though, these chapters have given me a much bigger perspective on life itself.

To add, I’ve lived in Melbourne Australia for quite some time. A city that turned my life upside down and inside out. It has changed my mind and my heart. This trip has combined these two pieces well together 2015-2016.

Have a bubbly personality, love to engage and network with new people.  Dancing is something I like to do together with my friends, specially out in the clubs. RnB music makes my body move! I have a sweet tooth when it comes to salty licorice. If you decide to give me some of this and I will be all yours.

Blogging is nothing new to me. I started my first blog 2006 and the year after I’d gave it a kick in the butt and have kept going ever since. “The Social Media girl” is what I’m known for among my family, friends and colleagues. You can find me on other channels too, such as Instagram and Twitter.

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