Traffic of LIFE

Ok, where do I start and how do we go from here?

It seemed so far away when we first received the news about Covid-19 happening in China during end of December. For me, I had a feeling it was going to “hit” Europe and at the end even Sweden. But I did not expect it to go as fast as it has been and now here we are…

We are lucky in Sweden. We have not been forced into quarantine (as for now, this all can change in a blink of an eye). Crazy times and in a wild windstorm we all are in! How we react to it are so different from one person to another.

To be completely honest with you. For me, who has been unemployed for a few months before this hit the fan, I’ve already gotten into certain mood, a special kind of flow to go on with my day. Family and friends have been busy with work/school during and I got used to be home (a lot), therefore this per say is not a big change for me. This self quarantine.

The difference for me is…
I can’t be at my favorite coffee place, sipping coffee and do all the fun things socials as I want. All due to this situation happening around us. I must make a confession though: I do feel less lonely now that I know we are all in this together. Selfish maybe, but that’s the truth.

Our everyday life in self quarantines
This has brought so many good things still, not just bad things if you ask me personally.

Let us focus on this part, shall we?

If you don’t know what to do and want to find inspiration by reading some highlights you should continue reading this blog post. I truly want to share some with you down below:

  • Live-Stream through Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Zoom etc)
    There are many organisations, companies and other amazing communities which offers educations, performances online. Make sure to check with your network, ask around and search for channels who share this love with their audience.
  • Virtual coffee/tea dates
    Grab a coffee/date and set a time to meet up virtually!
  • Connecting with random people on Instagram
    Find your passion, connect with your interests. Be brave and send that DM you wouldn’t otherwise do, we are all in this together and you may never know.
    That person on the other side maybe will answer and you all of a sudden found a new soul to connect with?
  • Go out for a walk around your block
    If you can. Try to cherish these little moments by taking it slow, no rush. Just walk. For me, I try to take more and more photos. Photos of the nature but also the random surroundings I have the chance to discover and see along the way.
  • Lists!
    Categorize your music lists, “clean” your digital photo albums. I mean, how many times have you procrastinated and put this activity aside, for something else that have caught your attention?
  • Work out
    There are plenty of videos on Youtube, per usual, even since before all this happen. Nowadays more and more people are offering their classes online and sending them live, specially on Instagram or Zoom. Please check with your family and friends, they might know someone who can teach you online.
  • Read books
    I just discovered a listening service, and through my wireless headphones plus the app, I can “read” a book while I’m doing other boring adult things such as doing the dishes, folding laundry, cleaning.
  • Watch TV-series
    I am the right person for this, to say this: BINGE-watch series. Catch up on your favorite ones and do not feel bad about it. Re-watch your oldies but goldies, watch your guilty pleasures and have days with absolutely NO plans a head of you.

I genuinely hope this brings some joy, some light during these difficult times. If you have anything you want to share, do let me know. I’m around here and I’m curious.

You know where to find me.


Some cherry blossoms to cheer you up!
Photo: Jenny Chiem

Malmö Dance Week 2019

My recent volunteer work were with Malmö Dance Week last year. It all started when I during September decided to contact Martin Rosén (co-founder of this international dance festival), regarding to help out with social media considering my previous experiences (over a decade now you guys!) and the team was super happy to bring me on board!

Created a social media strategy on:

  • How to increase the amount of followers
  • Create content (mostly Instagram and Facebook) for the team to use for the event

Malmö Dance Week were on from October 25th to November 3rd. To be onsite helping out at events is something I really like to do, and at the same time to be in charge of what to communicate to followers is what truly makes my heart bounce!

This festival wouldn’t be happening without the partners. We collaborated with Malmö Stad, Puma Nordic, Roland, Triangeln and many more.

Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö Photo: Jenny Chiem

Here are some links for you to read about this International Dance Festival:–ar-nu-dubbelt-sa-stor

Here are the videos:
Official Trailer for Malmö Dance Week 2019
Malmö Dance Week 2019 Recap


To capture sunsets have become a thing on my personal Instagram.

Every now and then I publish the most beautiful ones, majority of them here in Skåne County, Sweden. Can’t wait to travel more and discover other magical sunsets around the world!

Höganäs, Sweden
Höganäs, Sweden
Höganäs, Sweden

Getting it back

Saturday night.

Sitting here with a cup of coffee (caffeine free of course otherwise this girl can’t go to sleep for days) and trying to think of what to write, how much to write and when to publish. Honestly I haven’t done as much of the “thinking part” before, as I just have gone through and clicked the publish button after finishing the writing.

I miss that! Gonna try my very best to bring some of that feeling back during this year! Have used Instagram quite a lot the past years, which has been my everyday diary to update a photo or video instant and attach a feeling to it.

To blog for me have been more of a “struggle”.
To actually sit done, take the time to write and choose pictures in relation to what you want to say. Going to be change! Just gonna type whatever comes up and let it become more of a natural flow…

Beautiful Store

We walked in to the most beautiful decor store ever. Maybe not ever like in ever and ever, but one of the most beautiful ones I personally have spotted in my life!

Not sure if it’s the specific things around, combined with the warm lights that caught my attention or if it something else?

Friends, let me introduce you to Bon Vent Barcelona.

What do you guys think?
Be sure to not miss out on this one if you’re in Barcelona at some point.

From the airplane

The feeling you have when going somewhere, heading towards to an adventure…

It doesn’t matter, as long as you are on that flight to another destination. My favorite spot has always been by the window (thanks to Dad who showed me on our family trips abroad).

On our way to Barcelona, we decided to let me be the one to sit by the window to capture the clouds, mountains and the feelings around it:

Gusto del Born

Little did I know that Gusto del Born will be a place we come back to during the week.

This little gem in the middle of the passage of El Born, which played all the cheesy 90 ‘s RnB songs you can think of (yes, including the boy bands!). I lip-synced to almost each and every song (except the few Spanish songs that came out, hehe). Even though we had a pretty late flight in the afternoon (which gave us time in the morning to get ready), it always take more energy out from you than you expect. So during our first evening in Barcelona, we aimed for a pretty small place around our area just to get us through with a dinner and a drink. He fell in love with their vegetarian lasagna and I was just completely satisfied with the waitress giving me a full glass of white wine (since some restaurant usually charge a lot for a little amount of drink!)

Thumbs up for the wine!

Barcelona + Life Update

Ok, so let’s go, let’s start!

Feels a bit weird, different to blog again but this time I will definitely give it a honest shot because through year 2020 I really want to document a lot on this blog.

My 35th year on this planet by then.

Came back from Barcelona a few days ago, Saturday November 9th.
Went on this trip with Him, that special someone who catched my heart beginning of this year! This was our second trip abroad together. First one we made was earlier this Summer all the way to London, UK.

Have published a lot of pictures on my Instagram already, make sure to check them out if you haven’t already. Many of you know that I always have a tendency to post a lot while I’m on events, specially when I’m out travelling. It’s because I use this specific platform as a travel diary, to remember the feeling I had at that very moment plus a genuine passion (some see this as an obsession/addiction) to share with family and friends.

For the moment, I don’t have a full time job to lean on to and this blog is and will be my little baby to take care of and grow a bit. Have quite some time on my shoulders and already have some ideas to bring this blog forward, adding new categories and such, so please do stay tuned!

Love, Jen.

Personal passion

“Focus on what you’re interested personally. Create personal projects that channel your personal passion. Ship them. A lot and often. And have fun!

I received this in an e-mail from Ji Lee right after my decision of having a life in a suitcase and leave to a country to open up a new chapter.

In two days,

I’ve been back in Sweden for a year.
June 17th 2016, was a grayish Friday when I arrived at the airport of Gothenburg. My emotions was like a final round from a Mortal Combat game. Who will win – The Anxiety of travel depression vs Happiness of making the best out of the situation as it is?

Remember it very clearly. The look on my Dad’s face at the arrivals – He knew. He knew his daughter already had her mind set somewhere else.

What is the next adventure?

A year gone by – just like that! You might have seen my ‘throwbacks’ here and there all over my social media channels. I’m learning to let go of things..

Specially after my trip to Australia and Cabo Verde. Different kind of relationships has changed – all depending on where I am in my life right now.

You friends know I’m a girl who doesn’t find it difficult to write about feelings. I’ve been blogging since almost ten years back and this has always been my thing. To publish personal thoughts online. It brings me and you followers a bit closer to my heart.

I left the rat race in a big company and heading towards to a more challenging one, a startup and to give my entrepreneurial spirit a place to grow.

This week I created a new adventure, an adventure that doesn’t necessarily involves a trip to the other side of the world. An opportunity that came to me. Joined a tech startup with a bunch of creatives. Happy to see where our path takes us!

My plan has been to network as much as I can after me leaving a contract in March. To continue to show my network and the city I’m living in, of who I am and what kind of personal passion that will trigger me to go forward.

This has not been easy.

Remember when I have mentioned before about things not always are fun fun and all that “fancysmancy” posts?

Important thing to mention. Not everyone within the category of ‘loved ones’ who have been giving me the support I need and wish to have. I’ve been questioned if I have any clue of what I’m doing, keep reminding me of my insecurities instead of seeing through the person I’ve become so far. Don’t give time to listen to what I have to say. Lot of tears and an emotional ride is the result. Unanswered questions have been flying through this little head of mine.

I’ve come to this conclusion – If you can’t be happy for me, then don’t be.

I will be OK.

Other than that. Being thankful for all the cheerful messages, phone calls and work experiences I’ve received from friends all over the world these past weeks.

You know who you are – Keep being you!

Be kind to your creative soul


Paths cross and uncross..

I strongly believe in that and will stick to it until the world decide to show me the opposite. Call me spiritual, call me whatever but something did click. I refuse to think otherwise and life, please show me signs to where my head should be at.

Cabo Verde

I went on a trip to Cabo Verde beginning of this year. Few days and it felt like I was there for a much longer time. I could even tell when I shared my stories with friends after, that each and everyone had the same reaction: “You’ve only been away for five days?!”

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that we started the days early (cause we didn’t) and end the nights very late. The main thing we all were trying to (not) focus on was time.

“Time stops when you are here.”

It sure did.

I was completely by myself a few times in between all the fun, intense and lovely moments that came across my way. It made me reflect on what I have been emotionally since Melbourne and to be more kind to my creative soul.