Late night blog

This will be a late night blog. Compares to the latest one this will be a more downer. Some nights when I stop and reflect it hits me. It hits me of how beautiful my life have become just this summer. How much I have grown and dare to say yes or no to people that I want to spend my time with. An important lesson that I can recommend anyone that is going to make a life changing trip for yourself – to really sit down with your own thoughts and make process where you actually can “see” and feel them in front of you. Yes, I am talking about your feelings.

I will publish more happier ones ahead but tonight I will let my thoughts takes it own ride..

I will miss the great friends I have made along the road during this specific summer, friends I have become closer with and the lovely moments..  You will never know I guess but yet it feels it’s up to my own actions where the results are going headed.

I really felt I needed to write this down and remember this when I read back later on.

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