To capture sunsets have become a thing on my personal Instagram.

Every now and then I publish the most beautiful ones, majority of them here in Skåne County, Sweden. Can’t wait to travel more and discover other magical sunsets around the world!

Höganäs, Sweden
Höganäs, Sweden
Höganäs, Sweden

Getting it back

Saturday night.

Sitting here with a cup of coffee (caffeine free of course otherwise this girl can’t go to sleep for days) and trying to think of what to write, how much to write and when to publish. Honestly I haven’t done as much of the “thinking part” before, as I just have gone through and clicked the publish button after finishing the writing.

I miss that! Gonna try my very best to bring some of that feeling back during this year! Have used Instagram quite a lot the past years, which has been my everyday diary to update a photo or video instant and attach a feeling to it.

To blog for me have been more of a “struggle”.
To actually sit done, take the time to write and choose pictures in relation to what you want to say. Going to be change! Just gonna type whatever comes up and let it become more of a natural flow…

Beautiful Store

We walked in to the most beautiful decor store ever. Maybe not ever like in ever and ever, but one of the most beautiful ones I personally have spotted in my life!

Not sure if it’s the specific things around, combined with the warm lights that caught my attention or if it something else?

Friends, let me introduce you to Bon Vent Barcelona.

What do you guys think?
Be sure to not miss out on this one if you’re in Barcelona at some point.

From the airplane

The feeling you have when going somewhere, heading towards to an adventure…

It doesn’t matter, as long as you are on that flight to another destination. My favorite spot has always been by the window (thanks to Dad who showed me on our family trips abroad).

On our way to Barcelona, we decided to let me be the one to sit by the window to capture the clouds, mountains and the feelings around it:

Gusto del Born

Little did I know that Gusto del Born will be a place we come back to during the week.

This little gem in the middle of the passage of El Born, which played all the cheesy 90 ‘s RnB songs you can think of (yes, including the boy bands!). I lip-synced to almost each and every song (except the few Spanish songs that came out, hehe). Even though we had a pretty late flight in the afternoon (which gave us time in the morning to get ready), it always take more energy out from you than you expect. So during our first evening in Barcelona, we aimed for a pretty small place around our area just to get us through with a dinner and a drink. He fell in love with their vegetarian lasagna and I was just completely satisfied with the waitress giving me a full glass of white wine (since some restaurant usually charge a lot for a little amount of drink!)

Thumbs up for the wine!

Barcelona + Life Update

Ok, so let’s go, let’s start!

Feels a bit weird, different to blog again but this time I will definitely give it a honest shot because through year 2020 I really want to document a lot on this blog.

My 35th year on this planet by then.

Came back from Barcelona a few days ago, Saturday November 9th.
Went on this trip with Him, that special someone who catched my heart beginning of this year! This was our second trip abroad together. First one we made was earlier this Summer all the way to London, UK.

Have published a lot of pictures on my Instagram already, make sure to check them out if you haven’t already. Many of you know that I always have a tendency to post a lot while I’m on events, specially when I’m out travelling. It’s because I use this specific platform as a travel diary, to remember the feeling I had at that very moment plus a genuine passion (some see this as an obsession/addiction) to share with family and friends.

For the moment, I don’t have a full time job to lean on to and this blog is and will be my little baby to take care of and grow a bit. Have quite some time on my shoulders and already have some ideas to bring this blog forward, adding new categories and such, so please do stay tuned!

Love, Jen.

Jump in with the head first. Love, they said?

Jump in with your head first, that is what Jenny does.

I might not have ticked of a “typical bucketlist” of doing skydiving, bungee jumping or making the world’s most amazing or dangerous roadtrips.

31 januari 2018_Martin_Friberg__DSC0212.jpg

What I have done?

I have fallen in and out of LOVE several times now and got myself up. I have teached myself to see my pattern, I have dared myself to come so fucking close to my own feelings, where it usually can take a lifetime (or forever?) for other people to do for themselves.

I’m 32 today. Yeah I know, I still look like 23. Don’t be jealous. You’ll get there too.

Still believe that people are meant to come into your life a certain time, to make you aware of your personal development and remind you every now and then to stop and reflect.

Do you want to be on this road?

I have made some decisions years ago and it has been a battle of opinions from people around me, when they find out that I don’t want to have kids at all. Starting a family is nothing I wish for in life.

Hey, this is just me putting myself out there.

Want to get to know me more?
You know where to find me. I’m right here – let’s talk.