Malmö Dance Week 2019

My recent volunteer work were with Malmö Dance Week last year. It all started when I during September decided to contact Martin Rosén (co-founder of this international dance festival), regarding to help out with social media considering my previous experiences (over a decade now you guys!) and the team was super happy to bring me on board!

Created a social media strategy on:

  • How to increase the amount of followers
  • Create content (mostly Instagram and Facebook) for the team to use for the event

Malmö Dance Week were on from October 25th to November 3rd. To be onsite helping out at events is something I really like to do, and at the same time to be in charge of what to communicate to followers is what truly makes my heart bounce!

This festival wouldn’t be happening without the partners. We collaborated with Malmö Stad, Puma Nordic, Roland, Triangeln and many more.

Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö Photo: Jenny Chiem

Here are some links for you to read about this International Dance Festival:–ar-nu-dubbelt-sa-stor

Here are the videos:
Official Trailer for Malmö Dance Week 2019
Malmö Dance Week 2019 Recap

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