Exactly one month

One month huh?

I so remember the day I told my closest girlfriends that I will make a huge change. This was back in April. April, May, June, July and now we have reached August. To  see their surprise faces, hearing their laughs and the most important when they looked at me and say – You are doing the right thing for you now. Let’s focus on yourself!

This is a scentence which is going to follow me during my journey. Bet your ass I will! One month to go (yesterday to be exactly, Sep 17th I will be on a jetplane.. well, a plane. You know the drill) before I leave Sweden for a new adventure.

Late night blog

This will be a late night blog. Compares to the latest one this will be a more downer. Some nights when I stop and reflect it hits me. It hits me of how beautiful my life have become just this summer. How much I have grown and dare to say yes or no to people that I want to spend my time with. An important lesson that I can recommend anyone that is going to make a life changing trip for yourself – to really sit down with your own thoughts and make process where you actually can “see” and feel them in front of you. Yes, I am talking about your feelings.

I will publish more happier ones ahead but tonight I will let my thoughts takes it own ride..

I will miss the great friends I have made along the road during this specific summer, friends I have become closer with and the lovely moments..  You will never know I guess but yet it feels it’s up to my own actions where the results are going headed.

I really felt I needed to write this down and remember this when I read back later on.