Just do it

I’d applied for Work and Holiday VISA yesterday afternoon and today it got confirmed! This is one step closer to the move. Now I need to arrange the flight ticket during this summer and to settle an official date for me to travel in september. September. That is the month, the goal, to be away from Sweden. I still need to find a temporary job before I leave, to be able to have enough money to survive, haha. Imagine if I come back just after a month? THAT if anything would be my worst nightmare. Drop that thought now, Jenny!

Yesterday I revealed my plans for a friend of mine, Anneli. She is, like everyone else (few of you friends that know about this life changing project before anyone else), very supportive. Just do it (typical Nike reference) – is the common scentence I recieved both from my parents (I love you!) and my closest friends.

Mixed feelings that I need to meet up with nearest and dearest before and say either goodbye for now or we’ll see eachother again after this trip. I do not even know if I want to come back after a year abroad or if I successed to find a proper job in Aussie or maybe in Asia?

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