Find the calm

Sitting here by myself a Saturday evening. This Saturday is nothing like the others. It is the first time in a very long time I actually enjoying being all by myself. I think it’s because I know I will be surrounded by a lot of people when I hit Oz during this fall. Of course I will have some alonetime overthere but overall I still have to step outside my comfortzone and discover new environments.

Ticket booked

I have now booked my ticket to Australia!

The moment when me and my mom clicked on The button it suddenly hits me. I am going away. What plans do you have now Jenny? I do not have any plans besides to land in Melbourne on September 19th. Challenged enough huh? I’ll take it from there..


Just do it

I’d applied for Work and Holiday VISA yesterday afternoon and today it got confirmed! This is one step closer to the move. Now I need to arrange the flight ticket during this summer and to settle an official date for me to travel in september. September. That is the month, the goal, to be away from Sweden. I still need to find a temporary job before I leave, to be able to have enough money to survive, haha. Imagine if I come back just after a month? THAT if anything would be my worst nightmare. Drop that thought now, Jenny!

Yesterday I revealed my plans for a friend of mine, Anneli. She is, like everyone else (few of you friends that know about this life changing project before anyone else), very supportive. Just do it (typical Nike reference) – is the common scentence I recieved both from my parents (I love you!) and my closest friends.

Mixed feelings that I need to meet up with nearest and dearest before and say either goodbye for now or we’ll see eachother again after this trip. I do not even know if I want to come back after a year abroad or if I successed to find a proper job in Aussie or maybe in Asia?

Going forward

To break up with someone is always hard, no matter how long the history you have had with that person. I don’t actually know if this content suppose to be publish in a “travel” blog in general but I don’t care. It’s relevant for me. Since this is one of many reasons behind my big decision. This breakup has torn me down as well lift me up in so many ways. I have never ever felt this close to my own thoughts, my own feelings and it’s given me enough strength now to move on. I am forever grateful for this lovely person and I truly hope someday we’ll meet again further down the road.

The Feeling

I think I still am in shock about my decision to move to abroad, all the way to Australia. For one year and who knows what my next chapter in life will be. The feeling of changing something big in your life combine with the time you have waited (let’s say a couple of years, for me it has been 14 since I have promised myself to go back to Oz).. and that you’ve now found the Perfect Time to do it. This specific feeling is from the bottom of my heart – truly amazing!

I’d really thought I knew what I wanted in life, to compromise and plan a future with that special someone, but I guess my inner voice to discover the world on my own – grew to be much stronger.

It’s important to me to have this blog.
It’s much as important for me to write about all the feelings before this journey as during the trip.

So now.. off I go!

The Sign

Me and my friend Emmelie were having lunch at Lotta Love Café in Malmö on sunday March 5th. For me it was good to come out, get something to eat and recieve some fresh air. Recently broke up with E (that has been a huge part of my life during these past two years) and I need to change the focus from us to me.

During this lunch. She kept talking about Australia like she always do (she was there on holiday during december last year to march this year) and plan to go back. Emm told me she has applied for an Work & Travel VISA and that it has been confirmed. She is going to be in Aussie in august. She also told be about the plans for the summer and out of nowhere (at least for me) she mentioned my name and wants to include me in this journey. Without any hesitations I answered:

Why not?

We took the bus home from city back to my place. On this busride, all of a sudden, Emmelie saw two boys carrying each in their arms, a surfboard. Surfboards?! We looked at eachother, gave eachother a ‘high five’ and said: Let’s do this!

The background

I’ve chosen to start a new blog, a travelblog. Family and friends, you are about to follow me on the biggest trip of my life. I have been travelling a lot and to almost live at an airport is nothing new to me. Been lucky to travel with my parents every summer and been away from Sweden for a least a month per year.

Which cities have you visited?
Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hong Kong, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

The trips have been in between 1988-2007 and some of the cities I have visited twice. Now I am going on my own!  Sending love to my parents and a big THANK YOU for showing the world to me and teach me to be open minded to explore new places, new culture and to meet new people!