Still going

… when life hits you and hits you again and again.

It hasn’t been easy since I came back to Melbourne. I’d follow my heart, made my life’s biggest U-turn during this journey and came back to the City I love; without a job ahead, a place to stay and a plan for what will come next. I decided to do what I am good at – trying to find temporary solution to keep myself on track again. Got a place to stay (Marcus, you know how greateful I am) and with a lot of tears still questioning about what I was doing? It actually reached a point when I was so close to buy a ticket home to Sweden. Literally. Got some lovely support of friends (special thanks to Mirigirl of mine, you knew exactly what I needed) that made me think twice. All of a sudden, I aimed to stay.  

The same week I recieved an e-mail for a phone interview, interview the week after and then a YES to a job within digital marketing. My field – I did it! Other things in my everyday life here haven’t been so smoothly as I’ve expected. Met people along the road that have turned my world up-side down and rocked my world completely.

For now,
I really need to remind myself to go with the flow and some announcement will be made later.

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