I will miss you

Where do I start?

Haven’t blogged since I came back to Sweden and 2016 is almost over. Been “home” for 6 whole months. Feels like I just came back or at least it’s what I keep holding on to. One more week (less!) and then we reach a New Year!

I haven’t got the point in my life ever before that makes me wanna say I will miss the year. Yes, that is regardless of what has happened along the road. You guys know what?

I have now. I will definitely miss you, 2016. No doubts.

To start with I was on the biggest f******* journey of my life. To be 15 (today 31) and have a dream to live abroad. On clouds! Nothing beats or will ever beat the feeling I had when I was on that specific plane with the destination: Melbourne.

Experienced every feeling you can think of while I was away. Joy, Anxiety, Sadness, Pure pleasure, Frustration, Loneliness, In love (yeah, that special someone did catch my heart there for a while) and all that. I did connect with people and many of them challenged me to step outside my own comfort zone. I learned so much and the most important thing, to trust myself even more.

Me personally. I’ve blogged since 2006 and never summarized a year. Oh wow, 10 years I have been in the world of blogging. I’m not patient enough to collect all my thoughts, trips and moments in just one blogpost. Better at collecting them each by each and post them on different channels, so feel free to look back and follow me up until now. I am thankful with whatever you decide to do. Just genuinely happy that you as my follower, have took your time, to read all the way down to here.


I’m going to start the new year with a new job. Also starting 2017 with a trip. I wish it was a longer one but a longer journey waits for me in 2018. Got a strong feeling it’s going to be one hell of a rollercoaster. A reminder to you and for myself the most. It’s not always going to be fun and fun and all that “fancysmancy” pictures with filters you guys see me post. Behind the scenes it’s also lot of calls during mornings/evenings/nights to family and friends where you questioning about where the next chapter is, what is the next babystep and again, who the f*** am I doing this for?

I’m always on the run! Please do follow me on social media (you guys know your girl by now) until I am boarding that specific plane again. That specific plane which took me to lovely Melbourne and yes, the next one will be to a different place..

Where will you be? I don’t know yet. But I will definitely find out.

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