Be kind to your creative soul


Paths cross and uncross..

I strongly believe in that and will stick to it until the world decide to show me the opposite. Call me spiritual, call me whatever but something did click. I refuse to think otherwise and life, please show me signs to where my head should be at.

Cabo Verde

I went on a trip to Cabo Verde beginning of this year. Few days and it felt like I was there for a much longer time. I could even tell when I shared my stories with friends after, that each and everyone had the same reaction: “You’ve only been away for five days?!”

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that we started the days early (cause we didn’t) and end the nights very late. The main thing we all were trying to (not) focus on was time.

“Time stops when you are here.”

It sure did.

I was completely by myself a few times in between all the fun, intense and lovely moments that came across my way. It made me reflect on what I have been emotionally since Melbourne and to be more kind to my creative soul.


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