The Sign

Me and my friend Emmelie were having lunch at Lotta Love Café in Malmö on sunday March 5th. For me it was good to come out, get something to eat and recieve some fresh air. Recently broke up with E (that has been a huge part of my life during these past two years) and I need to change the focus from us to me.

During this lunch. She kept talking about Australia like she always do (she was there on holiday during december last year to march this year) and plan to go back. Emm told me she has applied for an Work & Travel VISA and that it has been confirmed. She is going to be in Aussie in august. She also told be about the plans for the summer and out of nowhere (at least for me) she mentioned my name and wants to include me in this journey. Without any hesitations I answered:

Why not?

We took the bus home from city back to my place. On this busride, all of a sudden, Emmelie saw two boys carrying each in their arms, a surfboard. Surfboards?! We looked at eachother, gave eachother a ‘high five’ and said: Let’s do this!

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