The Feeling

I think I still am in shock about my decision to move to abroad, all the way to Australia. For one year and who knows what my next chapter in life will be. The feeling of changing something big in your life combine with the time you have waited (let’s say a couple of years, for me it has been 14 since I have promised myself to go back to Oz).. and that you’ve now found the Perfect Time to do it. This specific feeling is from the bottom of my heart – truly amazing!

I’d really thought I knew what I wanted in life, to compromise and plan a future with that special someone, but I guess my inner voice to discover the world on my own – grew to be much stronger.

It’s important to me to have this blog.
It’s much as important for me to write about all the feelings before this journey as during the trip.

So now.. off I go!

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