Personal passion

“Focus on what you’re interested personally. Create personal projects that channel your personal passion. Ship them. A lot and often. And have fun!

I received this in an e-mail from Ji Lee right after my decision of having a life in a suitcase and leave to a country to open up a new chapter.

In two days,

I’ve been back in Sweden for a year.
June 17th 2016, was a grayish Friday when I arrived at the airport of Gothenburg. My emotions was like a final round from a Mortal Combat game. Who will win – The Anxiety of travel depression vs Happiness of making the best out of the situation as it is?

Remember it very clearly. The look on my Dad’s face at the arrivals – He knew. He knew his daughter already had her mind set somewhere else.

What is the next adventure?

A year gone by – just like that! You might have seen my ‘throwbacks’ here and there all over my social media channels. I’m learning to let go of things..

Specially after my trip to Australia and Cabo Verde. Different kind of relationships has changed – all depending on where I am in my life right now.

You friends know I’m a girl who doesn’t find it difficult to write about feelings. I’ve been blogging since almost ten years back and this has always been my thing. To publish personal thoughts online. It brings me and you followers a bit closer to my heart.

I left the rat race in a big company and heading towards to a more challenging one, a startup and to give my entrepreneurial spirit a place to grow.

This week I created a new adventure, an adventure that doesn’t necessarily involves a trip to the other side of the world. An opportunity that came to me. Joined a tech startup with a bunch of creatives. Happy to see where our path takes us!

My plan has been to network as much as I can after me leaving a contract in March. To continue to show my network and the city I’m living in, of who I am and what kind of personal passion that will trigger me to go forward.

This has not been easy.

Remember when I have mentioned before about things not always are fun fun and all that “fancysmancy” posts?

Important thing to mention. Not everyone within the category of ‘loved ones’ who have been giving me the support I need and wish to have. I’ve been questioned if I have any clue of what I’m doing, keep reminding me of my insecurities instead of seeing through the person I’ve become so far. Don’t give time to listen to what I have to say. Lot of tears and an emotional ride is the result. Unanswered questions have been flying through this little head of mine.

I’ve come to this conclusion – If you can’t be happy for me, then don’t be.

I will be OK.

Other than that. Being thankful for all the cheerful messages, phone calls and work experiences I’ve received from friends all over the world these past weeks.

You know who you are – Keep being you!

Be kind to your creative soul


Paths cross and uncross..

I strongly believe in that and will stick to it until the world decide to show me the opposite. Call me spiritual, call me whatever but something did click. I refuse to think otherwise and life, please show me signs to where my head should be at.

Cabo Verde

I went on a trip to Cabo Verde beginning of this year. Few days and it felt like I was there for a much longer time. I could even tell when I shared my stories with friends after, that each and everyone had the same reaction: “You’ve only been away for five days?!”

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that we started the days early (cause we didn’t) and end the nights very late. The main thing we all were trying to (not) focus on was time.

“Time stops when you are here.”

It sure did.

I was completely by myself a few times in between all the fun, intense and lovely moments that came across my way. It made me reflect on what I have been emotionally since Melbourne and to be more kind to my creative soul.


I will miss you

Where do I start?

Haven’t blogged since I came back to Sweden and 2016 is almost over. Been “home” for 6 whole months. Feels like I just came back or at least it’s what I keep holding on to. One more week (less!) and then we reach a New Year!

I haven’t got the point in my life ever before that makes me wanna say I will miss the year. Yes, that is regardless of what has happened along the road. You guys know what?

I have now. I will definitely miss you, 2016. No doubts.

To start with I was on the biggest f******* journey of my life. To be 15 (today 31) and have a dream to live abroad. On clouds! Nothing beats or will ever beat the feeling I had when I was on that specific plane with the destination: Melbourne.

Experienced every feeling you can think of while I was away. Joy, Anxiety, Sadness, Pure pleasure, Frustration, Loneliness, In love (yeah, that special someone did catch my heart there for a while) and all that. I did connect with people and many of them challenged me to step outside my own comfort zone. I learned so much and the most important thing, to trust myself even more.

Me personally. I’ve blogged since 2006 and never summarized a year. Oh wow, 10 years I have been in the world of blogging. I’m not patient enough to collect all my thoughts, trips and moments in just one blogpost. Better at collecting them each by each and post them on different channels, so feel free to look back and follow me up until now. I am thankful with whatever you decide to do. Just genuinely happy that you as my follower, have took your time, to read all the way down to here.


I’m going to start the new year with a new job. Also starting 2017 with a trip. I wish it was a longer one but a longer journey waits for me in 2018. Got a strong feeling it’s going to be one hell of a rollercoaster. A reminder to you and for myself the most. It’s not always going to be fun and fun and all that “fancysmancy” pictures with filters you guys see me post. Behind the scenes it’s also lot of calls during mornings/evenings/nights to family and friends where you questioning about where the next chapter is, what is the next babystep and again, who the f*** am I doing this for?

I’m always on the run! Please do follow me on social media (you guys know your girl by now) until I am boarding that specific plane again. That specific plane which took me to lovely Melbourne and yes, the next one will be to a different place..

Where will you be? I don’t know yet. But I will definitely find out.

Read these links to be able to stay update with me:



Still going

… when life hits you and hits you again and again.

It hasn’t been easy since I came back to Melbourne. I’d follow my heart, made my life’s biggest U-turn during this journey and came back to the City I love; without a job ahead, a place to stay and a plan for what will come next. I decided to do what I am good at – trying to find temporary solution to keep myself on track again. Got a place to stay (Marcus, you know how greateful I am) and with a lot of tears still questioning about what I was doing? It actually reached a point when I was so close to buy a ticket home to Sweden. Literally. Got some lovely support of friends (special thanks to Mirigirl of mine, you knew exactly what I needed) that made me think twice. All of a sudden, I aimed to stay.  

The same week I recieved an e-mail for a phone interview, interview the week after and then a YES to a job within digital marketing. My field – I did it! Other things in my everyday life here haven’t been so smoothly as I’ve expected. Met people along the road that have turned my world up-side down and rocked my world completely.

For now,
I really need to remind myself to go with the flow and some announcement will be made later.

Time to let go again

Christmas Day will forever be a good, sweet memory!

Ok soon ..

Time to let go once again. I thought, I really thought I was going to blog my each and every experience but somehow you really get caught up with different places, different people and then all of a sudden the time flies in a blink of an eye. I have met unbelievable, amazingly good people during my journey. Aussie friends in Melbourne, you are defo one of a kind (you guys have challenged me so many times) and thanks for showing me a new side of myself. Now I will keep continuing to grow. Will forever be grateful for this period as my start.


Yes, I’ve decided to move to Sydney for a new chapter. Been here in Melbourne for 3 months and three months went by fast (for you who wants to follow my travel diary in short version filled with pictures, please do go to my Instagram). Btw, yeah you guys got that right. I am not sure what is going to happen next year..

Three months in Melbourne – What have happened?
A lot of brekky’s, it seems to be my “thing” for sure. Really enjoyed the food as a big part of my travel. A lot of vietnamese food to tho and the quality of these dishes is just something extra over here. Those late nightouts (partied like never before) and the lack of sleep (the nightlife here suits me perfectly). Well? I am sure I wouldn’t have it any other way. Next chapter will be a bit different I reckon. Friends, just keep following me..

Here I am

I’ve sorta, kind of promise you friends back home in Sweden that I will blog about my trip. I have been here over a month and to be honest I’ve thought that I will have time to sit down and write about my impressions of Aussie. 

I haven’t been able to find peace to collect my thoughts.. until now.

The first two weeks were overwhelming. Good with the bad of course. Met friends I haven’t seen for ages, learning the left hand traffic and to be brave enough to visit the city and other places outside by myself. It might seems quite easy for some of you, but for me the first week was terrifying. To step outside my comfort zone and dare myself to get lost. Which I did! Haha. The trams stop here doesn’t make any sense to me (still doesn’t). I have 2015 to thank for with all the apps for my phone and the extra batterykit comes perfectly in hand. I can’t imagine how this blogpost would have turned out if this trip were made.. 10 years ago?

What have I been up to these weeks?

  • Trying to get use to the left hand traffic.
    I have a confession. I am use to it now but that doesn’t mean I like it, ok?
  • Met my friends that I haven’t seen since five years ago
    Not everyone yet but hey, we still have time!
  • Road trip through Great Ocean Road
    The 12 Apostles. Stunning. Indescribable!
  • Celtic wedding and camping for two nights in Warrnambool
    Never have I put on a fancy dress and makeup in a cold tent before. As they say, there is a first time for everything
  • Have my own room just outside the city 
    With my lovely housemates/friends Jack and Kirsten
  • Met new girlfriends
    All the way from Sweden. Fika? Oh yes!
  • Speak english on a daily basis
    Using my third language as my main language so bare with me
  • Dating aussies
    Message to swedish boys back home: I’m sorry. You have a lot to learn!
  • Experienced homesickness for the first time in a month
    I don’t want to go home but it’s the fucking timezone I need to get use to.. 10 hours!
  • Learning new aussie words “heaps, reckon, no worries, breakky”
    And yes, I am falling in love with the accent more and more for each day..
  • Hanging out a lot with my dear friend Emmelie
    #30going22 in Melbourne!
  • Been on 3 jobinterviews
    No such luck but I will keep on swimming! Yes guys, a finding Nemo reference. To add, I am not going to follow other (read: swedes) peoples footsteps therefore a different challenge for me
  • Celebrated my 30th birthday
    I am actually 22 so don’t ever forget that and I couldn’t ask for a better one. 

Yup. This sums up my month pretty well.
I would love to hear from you friends back home, so leave a comment or a message. 


Down under


Now I am finally here and it’s been a first great week. Where should I start?

What should I write about? It’s been overwhelming these past few days. Not just fighting the jetlag (felt like I’ve been partying two days in a row without any sleep whatsoever) but also the traffic on the lefthand side, the charming australian accent and me speaking english all day long to my friends. 

I have published a lot of photos on Facebook (over one hundred for just one week! For you family and friends that are not on this social platform, you are all missing out the good ones). Ha, I’ll try to upload a few of them here within shortly.